Class 9


Class 9 Assembly

This week Class 9 performed their assembly to the rest of the school.

Their assembly was all about Talents and how we each should use our God given talents to help those around us.

We showed the school we all has the X Factor!

Book Trailers

As part of our World War 2 work this week, we have read The Little Ships by Louise Borden.

The book is told from the point of view of a young girl who sailed with her father on the family boat, the Lucy and embarked on a journey across the English Channel to Dunkirk in France to rescue the besieged troops.

On No Pens Wednesday we worked together to produce a book trailer to persuade others  to read this fantastic book.

Evacuee Experience

This week we have found out what life was like for an evacuee during WW2.

We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about our topic.

Read the comments below to find out what we enjoyed about the day.

Phoenix Predictions

         We are currently reading Phoenix by SF Said

  •  So far we have read about Lucky, who seems to be just an ordinary Human boy,
    but one morning he wakes to find a power rising inside him and it’s all connected to the stars. 
    He lives in a world like no other and we’ve enjoyed thinking about what life must be like for
    Lucky on the planet he lives.
    Unfortunately, he has had to leave his home and is on now on the run with his Mum,
    as they are desperately trying to escape the strange hissing sound coming from the sky. 
    Read our comments section to find out our predictions of what we think is
    going to happen in the rest of the story….